If you’re up to date with the Cottagecore trend, then I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the newest craze: Goblincore. But what actually is it?

While the Cottagecore aesthetic centres around the romanticisation of countryside living, the Goblincore aesthetic embraces nature on a level even higher.

This new aesthetic craze is based on the idea of living in the woods and surrounding yourself with all things nature; flora, fauna, mushrooms, frogs, and simply appreciating those which are not typically considered beautiful.

Let us be the first to introduce you to Goblincore!

The Beginning of Goblincore

Image of the beginning of Goblincore

The internet subculture of the Goblincore aesthetic emerged around the early 2010s on Tumblr.

Despite its rise on the blogging platform, the trend did not rise to mainstream popularity until the Covid-19 pandemic and the rising use of social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter.

The Goblincore aesthetic essentially entails the appreciation of moss, mud and all things that society’s absurd standards have deemed to be ‘ugly’.

As noted on aesthetics.wiki.com, the biggest part of the Goblincore aesthetic is, unsurprisingly, the goblin. The difficulty lies is the common idea that a goblin is a sinister, thieving creature that originated in European folklore.

Despite this depiction, the aesthetic prefers a carefree representation of the ‘ugliness‘ in nature as well as its unpredictability.

Similar to the beginnings of Cottagecore, this trend currently has a small , closely knitted community that is predicted to largely expand over the next few years.

Goblincore Clothes

Image of Goblincore clothes

It makes sense that if the aesthetic is all about the ugliness of nature, most enthusiasts have begun to buy their clothing second-hand, swapping fast fashion for worn-out clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty or ripped.

As Goblincore enthusiasts typically go on fun adventures, their clothing focuses on corduroy pants, jumpers, oversized sweaters, worn-out bottoms, dirty boots, and cardigans – all in brown, black, green, and maybe occasionally some beige.

Often, their version of elevating an outfit will include a satchel or fanny pack rather than sun hats and ribbon – their practicality for storing interesting objects and treasures found on adventures is more important than their traditional aesthetic values.

If you’ve gone through your local thrift store so much there is nothing left to find, don’t worry! Etsy, YesStyle and Ebay will become your online best friends.

In particular – Etsy. This store is perfect for finding handmade Goblincore outfits that are sold and created by small businesses and independent creators.

Below we have listed a few of our favourite Goblincore outfits that you can recreate!

Goblincore Outfits

Image of some Goblincore outfits with earth tone boots and pants
Image via @auri.daer
Image of a Goblincore outfit with a brown cardigan
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Image of the elf aesthetic
Image via @teacup.tiefling
Image of a green earth tone goblincore top
Get this top on YesStyle
Image of the fairy & mushroom goblincore aesthetic
Image via @ibunbunnybunn
Image of black corduroy jumpers
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Image of brown corduroy goblincore suspender shorts
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Image of brown striped long sleeved top with mushroom print
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Image of Goblincore clothing with brown corduroy pants with cardigan
Image via @moonlyrika
Image of an oversized goblincore aesthetic sweater
Image via @hhoneyherbs
Image of earthy tone brown pants and green vest for goblincore outfits
Image via @daryadarcy
Image of a dark green corduroy jacket
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We hope you found some inspiration for your next Goblincore outfits!

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