We know that you will just adore these 10 Cottagecore-inspired jewellery pieces from small businesses found on Etsy! We’ve included everything you could need from mushrooms to wildflowers, so continue reading to go on your shopping spree!

We’ve said it a million times, and we will continue to – the Cottagecore trend has swept the world with its simplicity and dreamy lifestyle. Not only is it achievable, but it promotes a lifestyle that the younger generation is beginning to crave after the pandemic and political unrest.

And come on, who can say they don’t want to live in a beautiful forest, surrounded by nature, in a small cottage run by your own small farm of fruits and vegetables. This sounds like pure heaven to us!

Despite many of us not living in a cottage in the woods, you can still achieve this look at home (whether that is in the middle of the city or not) and today we will be sharing some stunning pieces of jewellery that can assist you in living your Cottagecore fantasy (all while supporting small businesses).


Image of our favourite Cottagecore jewellery piece
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On Etsy, elderflowerfern sells a large variety of handmade, unique jewellery pieces that include handpicked flowers and greenery from the English Cotswold countryside – specifically the Forest of Dean (how stinking cool is that?!).

They sell earrings, coasters, hair clips and pins, necklaces, letters and preservations of stunning flowers and blooms in resin.

In particular, we will be racing to buy a pair of the pictured forget-me-not pressed flower earrings.


Image of edunjewelry's jewelry
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Edun Jewelry makes beautiful, hand-made pieces that are perfect for anyone looking for more Cottagecore-inspired pieces in their jewellery box.

They sell keychains, rings, earrings, and necklaces of all types that you will want to spend your entire paycheck on.

We will be running to purchase a pair of their bronze, floral dangle earrings and you should too!


DeadGoodJewellery jewellery piece
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DeadGoodJewellery turns all manner of flora and fauna into beautiful pieces of jewellery, taxidermy, art and accessories (since 2011!!). Their work shows the deep level of respect and care for nature as they preserve the beauty of the outdoors through eco-friendly bio resin.

We can’t get over how they have preserved real mushrooms in their pieces, and we have decided we cannot live without one of the real mushroom fly agaric and moss necklaces!


LaraHandmadeGoods jewellery
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If you’re looking for products made exclusively from recycled and natural materials, you need to go to LaraHandmadeGoods on Etsy!

Their mission is to provide useful, unique products that are environmentally sustainable – which is perfect for anyone within the Cottagecore community.

In particular, we will immediately be purchasing one of their Yellow Pressed Flower necklaces!


Image of LumuMoon's cute jewellery
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LumuMoon has hand-made pieces of jewellery that are hypoallergenic and are made with surgical stainless steel that will leave your ears feelings nice and healthy!

With polymer clay, LumuMoom creates stunning floral earrings that we simply cannot get enough of! We seriously need a new pair for every day of the year.

We are currently in the checkout purchasing a pair of their Leaf Polymer Clay Earrings because we couldn’t even wait to finish this post first!

Those are our favourite cottagecore-inspired jewellery pieces, my darlings! We hope you found something you will truly cherish and support some of these small businesses.

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