Mori Kei is a community centered around Japanese fashion with touches of the Cottagecore aesthetic – specifically the idea of living in the woods and experiencing a quiet life. Evolved from the Mori Girl community that began on the Japanese social network Mixi. The manager, Choco, chose the name Mori Kei when her friend said her outfits made her look like she was in a forest.

By 2009, the Mori Kei community had reached 35,000 members on Mixi, and it continued to boom, branching into magazines and brands such as Mori Girl Lesson, Wonder Rocket, and the Mori Girl Book.

The height of the Mori Kei fashion aesthetic has passed, but there is still a stable community that keeps the fashion style alive.

Mori Kei Fashion

Since the height of its popularity, Mori Kei has evolved, though the basic concept has remained the same. The fashion combines a natural, layered, and loose appearance with lace, embroidery, and light materials. The main concept behind the fashion style is to hide the body shape and create a fluffy appearance.

Predominately, Mori Kei is filled with off-white colour schemes, earth tones, and natural tones, including beige, navy blue, brown, and khaki. Light floral colous are sometimes utilised, such as light pinks and blues.

Your hair and makeup should be natural, with minimal colours.

Outfit One

Floral Maxi Chiffon Ruffle Dress

A great outfit for running errands or going to brunch with friends is a long, loose dress and a cardigan over top. To make it more Mori Kei, you can add some leggings under the dress, and add some clogs.

This outfit will make you feel incredibly comfortable, and give you room to move however you want. Don’t feel held back by tight clothing wearing this!

Outfit Two

White Lantern Sleeve White Button Down Blouse

If you’re looking for an outfit for a night out or dinner with family, this is the outfit for you! Simply pair a nice button-up shirt with a pair of overalls for the perfect dressed-up look.

You can decide the fit of the overalls to suit your comfort levels, which makes it even better!

Outfit Three

Beige Oversized Knitted Cardigan

Our final outfit is a sweater, a long skirt, and boots. To keep it warm in the cooler months, you can add some stockings, a scarf, and a hat.

This outfit would be perfect for a date night or simply going out during the day.

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