A Cottagecore bedroom is a very important space for one involved in the aesthetic community – it should be a space that reflects your style, while utilising vintage pieces and creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Bringing Cottagecore touches (such as fresh greenery) into your bedroom, no matter whether your live in a cottage or a city apartment, is much easier and cost-effective than you might think! On top of this, it’s incredibly Pinterest-worthy, and we know most of us want our homes to look like those we see on TikTok!

The Cottagecore aesthetic has grown tremendously throughout the pandemic, especially on social media platforms such as Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram – and it’s obvious why. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your home décor, beauty habits, fashion or entire lifestyle, the Cottagecore aesthetic allows you to embrace certain elements, themes and colours that embrace a romanticised idea of vintage countryside living.

If contemporary and minimalist trends aren’t for you, then you need to continue reading to find out how you can transform your room to be reminiscent of a whimsical cottage bedroom. We have put together the best inspiration and tips for you to use!

Switch To A Metal Bed Frame

metal cottagecore bedframe

If you haven’t seen them all of Pinterest, you need to research vintage metal bed frames! We don’t just love them because they are in pretty much all Cottagecore bedroom Instagram posts; we love them because they are durable and can be super cheap.

This furniture piece is a great way to bring nostalgic vibes into your space as it has decorative elements and harmonious lines.

TIP: Depending on your desired finish, you can paint the metal frame a colour that matches your colour palette – though, we highly recommend painting it cream or off-white! 

Bring In Nature

cottagecore bedroom plants

The best way to achieve a Cottagecore bedroom is by bringing in nature – preferably real. A major component of the Cottagecore aesthetic is loving, appreciating and protecting the nature world, and what better way to do so than bringing plant life into your home?

There are so many ways you could do this: potted plants, vases with fresh or dried flowers, or dried greenery.

If you don’t trust yourself to keep real plants alive, you could even add nature elements through choosing floral or animal motifs on fabrics, bedsheets and curtains.

Use Lots Of Layers

bedroom layering cottagecore

We hope you like maximalism – because that’s what Cottagecore thrives on! A great way of adding warmth and intrigue to your room is by carefully selecting your textiles; these are a key element to achieving the perfect balance between messy and maximalist.

For example, don’t just have the standard bedding on your bed – add a ruffled bed skirt, throws as well as extra blankets and pillows to create a variety of layers and textures!

Don’t feel limited to your bed when it comes to layering, though. You can do this all over your space! Layer multiple rugs, add doilies to your tables and even layer table clothes on your night stands.

Embrace Wallpaper

use cottagecore wallpaper

We know wallpaper has been treated like it’s tacky for years now, but it is an amazing addition to any Cottagecore space – we promise! If you love colour or patterns, you can’t go wrong with finding a wallpaper for your Bedroom.

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to traditional patterns or solids colours, either. You can choose motifs and hues from nature such as mushrooms, bees, butterflies, flowers, leaves or even farm animals.

Use Your Vertical Space

use vertical space

In a Cottagecore room, adding elements to your wall is integral! Think of how you see ivy climbing the walls of buildings in the countryside; we want to replicate that on the inside with artworks, photographs, mirrors, and more.

Don’t be scared to go crazy with your wall décor – this is exactly what a Cottagecore bedroom needs! Purposeful clutter is a necessary feature to any Cottagecore home.


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