The Cottagecore aesthetic has taken the world by storm during the global pandemic – our homes became more than simply a place we slept, but a place that had to heal us (mentally and physically).

With overwhelming amounts of content being made on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest about the aesthetic, it’s not crazy to know that businesses have begun producing their own versions of clothing that match the growing trend – in particular, the floral puff sleeve dress.

Due to its natural simplicity, it truly is not hard to take part in the Cottagecore aesthetic through fashion and accessories. In fact, there is a high chance that if you’re reading this, you’ve already got many of the core elements in your wardrobe and you don’t even realise it.

Unlike other trends that force you to buy specific pieces (that often quickly go out of trend), the Cottagecore aesthetic is incredibly flexible and has been consistently utilised by men and women worldwide for centuries.

Whether you want to wear flowing dresses or overalls or a button-up shirt and slacks, this trend allows for individual creativity and expression, making it incredibly easy to put together outfits that feel perfect for you.

Here are 15 staple pieces for building the best Cottagecore wardrobe!

What do I need and where can I find it?

The Cottagecore trend is simple, utilising basic pieces such as white tops and blue jeans (we’re sure most of you already have these two things). It is best to begin at these basics before diving fully into this trend; you can always pick up more statement pieces as you grow more comfortable and confident in your new look.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. If you like the more vintage side of the Cottagecore look, check out your local thrift or vintage stores to find bargains!

If you want to buy new pieces, we highly recommend online stores like Amazon, Petal & Pup, ThredUp, ASOS, Etsy, H&M or Breath of Youth Clothing.

Cottagecore Wardrobe Essentials

Image of a clothing piece from a Cottagecore wardrobe

1. White Puff Sleeve Top

The best way to begin your Cottagecore wardrobe is with a simple white puff sleeve top. This style is very popular, so you should be able to find one at your local thrift store or online retailers. The best part about these pieces is that they will go with everything, so you don’t need to buy a lot of tops to match your bottoms.

2. Floral Puff Sleeve Top

In addition to the white puff sleeve top, you need one in a floral print (any that you like) that will act as a fun statement piece. Wear it with either a flowy midi skirt or paper bag pants/shorts to create a beautiful feminine outfit.

3. Collared Blouse

I’m sure you already know that a collared blouse is the easiest way to dress up any look – and it’s also perfect for layering, a key part of the Cottagecore winter wardrobe. We recommend you have at least one long sleeve and at least one short sleeve collared shirt so you can continue wearing them all throughout the year.

4. White Puff Sleeve Dress

As we mentioned in our introduction, the puff sleeve dress is a Cottagecore staple, so you cannot go wrong with a white dress for the summer months. On top of this, this dress is easy to style due to its simplicity.

5. Floral Puff Sleeve Dress

Like the floral puff sleeve shirt, you need a statement version of your basics and a floral puff sleeve dress is the perfect feminine Cottagecore look. On top of this, you could pick up the dress in a few pastels or light neutral colours so you have unlimited dresses to make you feel like a princess.

Image of a white Cottagecore dress

6. White Midi Dress

If you want the perfect look for events and cooler weather, you will need to invest in a white midi dress. Adding this dress to your wardrobe allows you to instantly feel like a princess during every season.

7. Floral Midi Dress

The ultimate Cottagecore outfit to wear in spring and summer is a floral midi dress! These dresses are perfect for those who prefer longer dresses with prints and patterns – it’s a subtle way to be a part of both the Cottagecore trend and the floral trends that are making their way around social media currently.

8. Overalls

If you want quick and easy outfits, then nothing suits the Cottagecore trend more than a pair of denim overalls. This outfit is perfect if you spend a lot of time outside (maybe tending your garden) or in casual settings (cafe or brunch dates, shopping at local markets and more). Denim overalls are a fantastic way to channel that inner farm girl!

9. Denim Pants and Shorts

For the ultimate casual Cottagecore look, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of denim pants or shorts. Easy to style with your puff sleeve tops or collared blouses, there are essential for your wardrobe!

10. Midi Skirts

A staple for anyone building a Cottagecore wardrobe is the midi skirt – this piece is both comfortable and appropriate for any activity you wish to do. They also match well with almost every top.

11. Ruffle Skirts

If you are more into wearing short skirts, then you need to include a few ruffle mini skirts in your wardrobe. Check out brands like LoveShackFancy for the perfect floral ruffle skirts for the upcoming summer months. Pair with a puff sleeve top or corset for the perfect summer Cottagecore outfit.

Image of a Cottagecore corset

12. Corsets

The perfect way to pay homage to the Cottagecore aesthetic’s roots, you will need at least one corset to pull out on occasion. Nowadays, there is a lot of variety in corsets for you to choose from – from full-length to trendier bustier tops.

13. Chunky Cardigans

Don’t be worried about being warm and comfortable in the cooler seasons and make sure you have a nice variety of chunky cardigans to wear over your favourite Cottagecore outfits. For added Cottagecore detailing, pick up one with floral embroidery!

14. Straw Hats

When participating in the Cottagecore aesthetic, you cannot go wrong with a straw hat. Whether you’re out in the garden, strolling through nature, or just going to the market, straw hats are both practical and

15. Frilly Socks

A cute addition to any Cottagecore wardrobe is a pair of frilly socks to make your outfits extra dainty and elegant. These socks come in endless colours and patterns, so we are sure that you will find something you love!

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