The Cottagecore aesthetic has taken the world by storm! It’s everywhere from your Instagram feed to your local farmers markets – and I’m sure you’re loving every bit of it.

This trend is more than just fashion and beauty; it romanticises a simplified lifestyle associated with rural living, baking, fresh fruit and vegetables, gardening, overgrown gardens and clean air.

What better way to incorporate this aesthetic into your lifestyle than through your garden – even if you’re living in a city apartment!

Achieve the charming, vibrant Cottagecore garden by planting these classic flowers!

English Lavender

english lavender

Sweet-smelling lavender is the perfect addition to any garden, let alone a Cottagecore garden. Depending on you climate, variations of this flower may be somewhat difficult to grow, but English Lavender is significantly less demanding for new gardeners.

Simply provide the plant with full sun and drained soil to keep it growing well year round.



These beautiful florals, also known as wildflowers, bloom in spring, summer, or autumn in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

Ensure you keep the soil moist as this plant does not do well dehydrated.



If you’re looking for a flower that is great for climbing (in particular arches or fences), then clematis are perfect for you. These climbing florals create a whimsical, overgrown look that is ideal for your Cottagecore garden – especially since they have stunning colour all year round.

Plant in partial shade with fertile, well-draining soil.



We can’t write an article about Cottagecore flowers without mentioning the ultimate Cottagecore flower: the daisy. No flower is more classic for a cottage garden, nor more overlooked in recent years, than there gorgeous florals.

Daisies have a wide variety, including many colours, which will pair well in your garden. Plant in full-to-part sun and well-draining soil.



Delphinium are an older floral, but with the rise of Cottagecore, they are making a resurgence and we couldn’t be happier! If you want to add texture and height to your garden, these florals are perfect as they reach above typical flowers – reaching up to a staggering 6 feet!

Ensure you protect them from the wind by adding a stake, plant in full sun with well-drained soil.



If you’re new to gardening, and you’re looking for a low-maintenance, eye-catching plant then look no further than hollyhocks. These colourful flowers come in black, red, yellow, purple, and white, and can reach between 6-8 feet tall.

Ensure they are planted in full sun and medium-moist soil for them to thrive.



We wouldn’t be a real Cottagecore girl if we did not recommend you add roses to your cottage gardens! One of the most versatile and popular flowers out these, roses are a cornerstone of the cottage garden.

Each variety will have slightly different growing environments, but most will appreciate full sun and rich soil.

Ivy (English Ivy)

English Ivy

We couldn’t give you a guide to Cottagecore flowers without mentioning ivy! It’s the first thing many think of when imagining cottages and cottage gardens/ Perfect for climbing stone walls and picket fences, ivy is a great way of breaking up the colourful flowers in your garden.

English ivy prefers shade and rich soil.

Feel confident when starting, or adding to your Cottagecore garden this year!


Cottagecore Items To Wear When Gardening

Brown Low Rise Baggy Jeans
Pastoral Lotus Leaf Puff Sleeve Sundress
V-Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top

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