While small cottages are the dream, these cosy spaces can be difficult to style. Their rustic wooden ceiling beams, original masonry, alcoves, colourful features and quaint proportions create a beautiful homely space.

Despite this, the low ceilings and small spaces may prove tricky when tackling your interior design. Don’t fret, however, as you don’t have to compromise on style for practicality!

To inspire you to style you small cottage kitchen, we have put together our best tips and tricks – from wall colours to cabinets, we’ve got everything you need!

Small Kitchens, Big Ideas

cottage style kitchen countertops

Helen Parker, creative director at deVOL, states, “The charm of small cottage kitchens is often the quirky and eclectic mix of old and new that gives the feeling of a cosy and welcoming space.”

Our aim is to preserve the rustic charm found in these spaces, keeping the original character while optimising practicality and organisation.

Here are our ideas for decorating your small cottage style kitchen!


There is no better way to elevate your kitchen than by using high-quality surfaces that are accented by stunning colours and precious accessories. Make any space feel large by bringing your countertop onto your backsplash and mixing dramatic colours.

You can really maximise the impact of your kitchen by choosing the right countertop. Editor in Chief of Homes & Gardens, Lucy Searle, states, “Despite its small scale, this cottage-style kitchen has an outsize personality that makes it such a charming space. Investing in luxe materials such as marble and natural stone makes a big impact without a huge outlay when it comes to a small room like this.”

Statement Refrigerator

cottage style refrigerator

Some are worried that retro refrigerator’s will dominate their small cottage style kitchens, but that’s far from true! There are actually fridge’s made for smaller spaces that have been made shorter and thinner to fit comfortably in smaller spaces.

Adam Miller, from Old House Adam on TikTok, shares that ” We were going for a cottage vibe in the kitchen and this fridge was everything we wanted. The Classic 30in is an easy replacement for most residential fridges, and it has classic finishes with an industrial modern twist,” (discussing the Big Chill Classic Fridge).

Go Dark

dark cottage style kitchen

It may be scary to paint your walls a dark colour when every home you’ve visited is painted white or light cream, but dark cabinets and walls are perfect for smaller spaces. Dark grey, in particular, is highly regarded by interior designers as the best colour for cabinets as it creates elegance, luxury and depth.

“If you have a dark room, rather than battling to make the space feel lighter and brighter, opt for deep, rich colours to create a cocooning atmosphere,” explains Nina Campbell, renowned interior designer.

Neutral Wooden Cabinetry

Not only will real, natural wood stand the test of time, it showcases the beautiful timber grain. If you are looking for a charming, rustic kitchen, then neutral wood cabinetry is the perfect choice.

Rural cottages with small kitchens will truly be better with natural wood cabinets – just be sure you maintain them.

Moveable Kitchen Island

Quite possibly our favourite tip for any kitchen (but especially a small kitchen) is to add a moveable kitchen island. Whether you choose a butcher’s block, an old wooden table, or a vintage metal trolley, virtually any moveable furniture pieces will give you extra space for prepping and cooking.


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