We’re sure we have all been dreaming of waking up with birds chirping, warm sunshine lighting the room in the comfiest bed ever. A Cottagecore-inspired bedroom is the best way to achieve this dream – they are charming and whimsical, providing the warmth and softness typical with Cottagecore.

For those who may not know yet, the Cottagecore aesthetic is trending in recent years because it promotes a stress-free lifestyle that romanticised western agricultural life.

This trend focuses on simple living and harmony with nature, with themes of self-sufficiency, caring for people, baking, and embracing nature.

If this sounds like this lifestyle you want to achieve, then here are 5 ways you can transform your room into the cosy Cottagecore escape you’ve been dreaming of! 

Colour Palette

botanical bedroom

Before you decide on furniture or décor pieces, you need to choose a colour palette for your space – for instance, do you want to keep it simple with one foundation colour, or have a ton of coordinating colours?

In our opinion, the best tones for a Cottagecore bedroom are, muted earthy tones such as browns, beige, ochre, pale green and white. These colours promote serenity and calm, which is what you want to achieve in a Cottagecore room.

If you want a bolder colour or two, we highly suggest a dark forest green, a rustic orange, a bright yellow, a rose pink, a sky blue, or a leafy green.

Wall Décor

bedroom with fairy lights

Once you have chosen your base colours, you can get started on adding décor, and the best place to start is with your walls. A core concept for Cottagecore is harmony with nature, so your wall décor should be inspired by, represent, or actually be natural botanical flora, floral motifs and patterns, herbs, mushrooms, hanging ivy, plants, butterflies, and pretty much anything from nature.

We suggest items such as vases of flowers (dried and fresh), floral wallpapers, flora prints and posters, handmade tapestries, real plants and hanging ivy.

The general idea behind the décor should be creating a naturalistic setting that immerses you in nature.


cosy bedroom

It may take some time to find all the pieces of furniture you will need for a Cottagecore bedroom, but we assure you that taking the time to select each piece over time will work out well for you. Rushing this process will make things stressful, and may not result in the perfect Cottagecore space you’ve been wanting.

We suggest going to thrift stores, markets and online stores such as Etsy to find rustic, vintage and dainty pieces. You want them to be simple and comfortable.


cottagecore bedroom

Now that you’ve got yourself a new bedframe, you can focus on your bedding – and this is one of our favourite parts! We take inspiration from the décor and choose bedding that it botanical and floral. Think bright daisies and sunflower prints or a plain monochromatic duvet in pale green or beige.

To finish off your bed, add extra comfort and cosiness with a couple of extra pillows and maybe even a vintage teddy bear your can snuggle with at night.

Room Décor

cottagecore bedroom decor

Again, nature is the core of the Cottagecore aesthetic. When you are finishing off your room with décor, we highly suggest choosing small accent items that are vintage and natural such as botanical books, classic books, dream catchers, vintage suitcases, watercolour artworks, vintage mirrors, candles, dried flowers, medical jars and eclectic vases.

For more Cottagecore Décor ideas and inspiration, check out Cottagecore Decor To Make Your Apartment Look Magical.

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