Cottagecore is all the rage right now – but how can you make your mark in the community? That’s easy – find your perfect Cottagecore color palette.

As we all fell into lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, many began finding the need to make their houses feel more life a home – creating beautiful gardens, growing their own herbs and vegetables, escaping to the country at the first chance possible and visit a park or trail any chance you could get.

It felt like the entire world was craving simple pleases to escape the ever-changing and mind-boggling pandemic that was sweeping the globe.

To make things better, streaming platforms such as Netflix and social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube became filled with organization, home renovation and gardening – even Martha Stewart turned her quarantine into a new show called “Martha Knows Best”, where she had the opportunity to film how to compost, cook and garden all from her own home.

To embrace the Cottagecore trend – whether its through fashion, beauty or lifestyle – we highly suggest you try out these color palettes to bring Cottagecore into your life.

Our Favorite Cottagecore Color Palettes

Stone, Green and Purple

Image of a stone, green and purple Cottagecore color palette

Forest Green and Orange

Image of a forest, green and orange color palette

Orange and Purple

Image of an orange and purple Cottagecore color palette hex

Blues and Mint

Image of a blue and mint color scheme

If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, or you need more inspiration, try this color palette generator.

We’re always evolving this list, so feel free to send us your favorite Cottagecore aesthetic color palette.

In the future we are going to post about our favorite dark cottagecore color palette and fairycore color palette, so stay tuned!

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