Fairycore is slowly becoming a booming aesthetic community and trend in fashion and beauty, thanks to social media apps such as TikTok. Users take inspiration from popular culture such as books (A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas) and movies (The Lord Of The Rings) as well as mythology and fairytales to create a sub-culture of Cottagecore that focuses on the life and personality of faeries.

This involves the use of fake pointed ears, short, flowing dresses, lots of jewelry, and being in nature at every chance. Coined on Tumblr, the Fairycore community is a small offshoot of Cottagecore, Goblincore, and Pixiecore.

Those who participate in this aesthetic trend are often down-to-earth and appreciate small tokens rather than larger gifts, so as we come closer to Christmas, you may be stuck on ideas for your own wishlist, or on a present for your friend. That’s where we come in!

Here is our list of Fairycore rings that anyone would love to receive as a Christmas gift this year!

Ginger Lyne Collection Henrietta Setting

fairycore ring

This tree-branch-inspired Fairycore ring will be a prized possession of anyone who receives it. No matter the age, any Fairycore community members adore small, shiny objects that hold personal meaning. They will especially love this piece as it ties to nature, a very significant and important element to the community.

One of the biggest Faircore visuals is forests and trees, so they will feel at peace whenever they have the opportunity to put this ring on.

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Silver Moon Knuckle Ring Set

ring set

These vintage-inspired rings are the perfect set for any woman a part of the Fairycore trend. One ring is a great gift, but an entire set is an unforgettable gift.

The endless combinations and the variety of stones will excite those who receive them. The pieces are unique and handmade, which always makes the perfect Christmas present.

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Silver Moonstone Solitaire Ring

silver solitaire ring

The sterling silver and sparkling moonstone are the perfect combinations; they emphasize femininity while staying sophisticated. The antique English style, inspired by Victorin jewelry, is a great piece for everyday wear.

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Boho Gold Ring Set

boho ring set

This 17-piece Bohemian ring set comes in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can rest assured that they will be well-loved and worn. Mix and match to find the best combination; we suggest using the opal rhinestones as stacking rings as they are solid enough to withstand daily collisions and the crystal rings at the base as they will not fade or tarnish.

This dainty ring set is perfect for Fairycore girls are they are perfect for all occasions, and the unique styles will match any outfit.

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Silver Jade Leaf Ring

leaf ring

If you’re looking for a unique ring for this Christmas gift season, then look no further! This “Spring In The Air Leaves” ring is inspired by nature, and is handmade to make every woman feel elegant and noble.

To top it all off, this ring comes in an exquisite gift box, to save you time when giving your favorite person a loving gift.

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Carnelian Rings Set

ring set

There are three styles of these y2k inspired rings to choose from white opal, red carnelian, and Agate. We can assure you anyone a part of the Fairycore community will adore these rings.

To top it off, these rings are made of environmentally-friendly copper and carnelian; they are nickel free, and completely harmless to your body. These traits are something Fairycore community members will highly appreciate.

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